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Fee Schedule

Divorce/Dissolution/Annulment (W/O Children) $300.00
Divorce/Dissolution/Annulment (With Children) $350.00
New Case Filing for Custody/Support/Visitation $350.00
Divorce Post Decree Motions (Reactive Case) $100.00
Answer/Reply/Responsive Pleading (If Service Requested) $100.00
Divorce Investigation (In County) $500.00
Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) $750.00
Civil Actions (Including Foreclosure) $300.00
Jury Demand (When Dates are Established) $750.00
Jury View (When Request/Motion is Filed) $350.00
Order of Sale $250.00
Petition for Car Title $185.00
Motions to Reactivate $100.00
Counter-Claim, Cross-Complaint (If Service Requested) $100.00
Third Party Complaint $100.00
Executions (Foreign Judgment/JD Exam/Writ of Possession $100.00
Wage & Bank Garnishments Additional $1.00 Payable to Bank)
Filing Certificate of Judgment $30.00
Making Certificate of Judgment $5.00
Release of Certificate of Judgment $5.00
State of Ohio Department of Tax CJ Release $40,00
Deposit for Notice of Appeal or Original Action $220.00
Medical Malpractice Arbitration $450.00
Expungment $50.00
Bail Bond Fee $25.00
Deposit for Foreign Sheriff Fee (Service) $40.00
Copy Fee $0.25 per page
Certified Copy Fee $1.00 per page
Digital Copy of Hearing (DVD of Hearing) $18.00